Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | August 17, 2010

Torn, slashed, burnt.

I’m not done being angry about the destruction of the Amazon …. Colombians! For the addictions of those with white powder on their noses we allow the extermination of our environmental wealth. The marvelous, expansive green of our Amazon … torn, slashed, burnt … and we do not know this beauty we had until we have given it up.

And does the world yet know of the consequences of adapting to life without this Amazonian lung?

The Amazon is home to one-tenth of known species in the world; to one-sixth of the world’s bird species; to 45,000 different kinds of tropical plants.

The Guardian newspaper: “Britons are snorting 30 tonnes of cocaine a year and consider the drug to be a socially acceptable part of a night out, a House of Commons report lamented last week.”

Retired Oxford Professor Les Iversen, the British Government’s chief adviser on drugs, told Britain’s The Times newspaper that he was alarmed by the way that so many people seemed to regard taking cocaine as part of a normal night out.

Maybe it makes people feel as “glamorous” as Lindsay Lohan, recently caught clubbing and snorting; look at the photos here.

But I bet the cocaine consumers in Europe and North America—those who associate cocaine as a “champagne” drug, as a “Class A” drug—recycle, buy Seventh Generation products, and drive green cars. I bet they eat organic food and do a detox diet at least once a year. I bet they would ohhh and ahhh over photos of the adorable Titi monkey, of which a new specie was recently discovered in Colombia’s Caqueta province.

So why aren’t we making  “champagne” and “Class A” club-goers see the environmental damage of their going-out habits? Why are there not more campaigns to point out how snorting equals extinction of the Black Caiman and the Jaguar, the Anaconda and the Piranha?

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