Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | December 7, 2010

Women as High-Ranking Military Officers

Although women have been part of Colombia’s military for more than thirty years, women were always kept behind desks, fetching coffee. Until now.

In January 2008, 56 young women, all 18-year-olds, joined 283 young men in Colombia’s Military Academy. These young women were there with high hopes of becoming the first generals in the history of the Colombian military. In December 2011, they will be sublieutenants specialized in intelligence, logistics and telecommunications.

Look at pictures here.

This hails in a new era in women’s rights and will serve to show Colombia’s young ladies that they can become more than Ms. Colombia.

Ingrid Arango, who came in second place in her class this year, told El Tiempo, “We received the same training as the men and we are prepared to go into combat.”

Diana Góngora added, “My cousins have been lucky to be in the military. Some have been officers or sub-officers, and I wanted to follow them.”

Is it too hopeful to think that with more women as high-ranking military officers, it will translate into policies that do more to respect the rights of children? With the maternal instincts of compassion, loyalty and patience we women carry, could Colombia’s conflict take on a more humane turn?

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