Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | January 25, 2011

Pigeons Carrying Supplies into Prisons

If only Colombians used their creativity and entrepreneurial skills legally. In the latest example of incredible stunts used for not such incredible purposes are pigeons; pigeons are trained to fly into prisons carrying bazuco (cheap cocaine paste cigarettes), cocaine and marijuana, as well as cell phones and SIM cards. And so prisoners continue committing crimes from inside.

Piegons have been apprehended in prisons in Bucaramanga, and the notorious Combita prison in the northwest department of Boyacá where authorities have been wondering why, for years, clumps of pigeons loiter its halls.

One such pigeon was found in a nearby tree by prison guards. It had particular markings—a ring on each leg for identification. Due to the heavy rains during the last couple of months, it was soaked and weighted down by 45 grams of marijuana it carried in a back-pack. Yes! The pigeon lugged a back-pack! Too heavy to fly, it was captured.

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