Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | March 8, 2011

Teen was face of FARC propaganda

Jhasmit Andrea Vélez Moncada is the woman who appears in FARC propaganda, in Colombia and internationally. Look at her in a FARC banner here. She’s pretty: abundant sun-kissed curls and a warm smile, all meant to make you think you’ll have a good time if you join this group.

According to testimony from former FARC members, now under government protection, she participated in the attack on a police base in Chocó department on December 17, 2005. She also participated in other attacks on police bases in Risaralda department in 2002, and Antioquia department in 2004.

Moncada was fifteen years old when she took part in these attacks in which fifteen policemen lost their lives and four others were kidnapped. Moncada was captured, and she opted to turn herself into the government and demobilize. At the time, she did not reveal that she participated in attacks. She now faces kidnapping and homicide charges.

Moncada’s case is another example of the heinous crime of arming children for war.

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