Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | March 15, 2011

Demobilizations Were a Charade

Several common criminals passed themselves off as members of armed groups so as to receive government aid as part of the Justice and Peace Program during former President Uribe’s mandate. The Justice and Peace Law provides financial and judicial incentives to rebuild a new life away from crime.

The alleged “Cacica Gaitana” column of the FARC handed themselves in with new uniforms, led by “Biófilo,” a commander with a red beret and long hair, when long hair is apparently prohibited in the FARC.

Another group, the “Cacique Nutibara,” were reportedly 855 young men, some of them minors, gathered from Medellin’s slums. They were given uniforms and old arms and passed off as paramilitaries.

Moreover, several of the men have reportedly received the benefits and returned to a life of crime.

Authorities are investigating former Peace Commissioner Carlos Restrepo who served under former President Uribe.

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