Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | May 3, 2011

Do we believe the army?

The judge Constanza Gaona was murdered on March 22. She had the case of an army lieutenant accused of murdering three siblings in Arauca. Read a post about that heinous crime here.

Three young men, Nelson Archila Romero, Robinson Adrián Ortega, and José Diomedes Gamboa Giraldo have been arrested for the judge’s murder. It turns out they were members of the Ernesto Che Guevarra commission of the ELN and they were reportedly looking to further ruin the army’s already damaged reputation. The young men answered to the front’s commander, Juan de Dios Lizarazo Astroza, who was also arrested.

Unfortunately, the army has gained such a bad reputation in the last few years that it makes one ask: Is this true? Or are they passing off these men from the ELN as the judge’s assasins?

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