Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | August 9, 2011

Water: “High Risk” in Colombia

Fifteen percent of Colombia’s departments are at “high risk” for the quality of their water, according to the Ombudsman’s office. Water there contains traces of residual chlorine, microorganisms, E. coli, and coliform bacteria.

Colombia’s supply of fresh water has been hurt by deforestation, plateaus dedicated to crops, and contamination. Water sources are turned into sewers and garbage dumps. Mining and cocaine production are also big culprits.

Next Thursday, we will have a guest post from Simón Zimmer, co-founder of Aguayuda, a small, non-profit organization dedicated to improving life and health in poor rural communities through clean water and education.


Torn, Slashed, Burnt.

Ecological Paradise + Cocaine Production = Environmental Wasteland

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