Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | September 6, 2011

More Culture Lost: Jiw Indigenous Displaced From Their Land

About 79 indigenous from the Jiw tribe abandoned their land in Caño La Sal, in the jungles of southeast Colombia, due to threats from illegal armed groups, according to Codhes, the NGO dedicated to human rights and displacement.

Among the internal refugees, there are 34 children.

It is unclear if the threats came from paramilitaries or the guerilla, or both.

They set off on foot from their ancestral lands on August 26 and 27, and they camped out on the shores of the Guaviare River for several nights. They are now living in tarps and tents set up by the Colombian Red Cross in the sports stadium in San José del Guaviare.


UNHCR works to find durable solutions for endangered Colombian tribe.

Nukak dispossession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plight.

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