Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | September 8, 2011

Gang of former paramilitaries threaten peace activists

A criminal gang comprised of former paramilitaries, who calls itself “Águilas Negras del Bloque Capital D.C.,” has been threatening 12 theater groups in southern Bogotá, in the neighborhoods of Bosa, Kennedy, Tunjuelito, and Ciudad Bolívar. “Águilas Negras,” or “Black Eagles,” has been leaving behind fliers since August 23, demanding the actors leave Bogotá within the next 8 days – or else. The thugs are not happy the key subject of the theater pieces is human rights. The Culture Minister, Mariana Garcés Córdoba, is offering government support, and assuring proper security to those affected.

“Águilas Negras” also left behind fliers at the National Network of Initiatives for Peace and Against War, known as Redepaz, threatening the leaders of three NGO’s who work with victims whose lands have been appropriated by drug trafficking illegal armed groups.

The fliers say, “We declare direct and frontal war with the objective of exterminating these organizations and their leaders.”

“Águilas Negras” has also threatened the Association of Victims for the Restitution of Lands and Assets, known as Asovirestibi, and the New Dawn Humanitarian Foundation, known as Funumana.

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