Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | October 25, 2011

Gates Foundation To Fund Technology In Public Libraries

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated US $3,286,334 dollars for implementing new technology in Colombia’s public libraries. The grant is part of the foundation’s Global Libraries initiative, which has already been active in Chile, México, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Vietnam, amongst other countries.

Twenty-five of the benefiting libraries are in diverse regions, and one in Bogotá. With this new technology, there will be 8.8 million Colombian homes connected to the internet whereas before, there were 2.2 million.


  1. Be careful and watch out for Mr. Gates. He is a new kind of Philanthrocapitalist whose giving is rather an investment. As the Colombian saying “Es un hombre que no da puntada sin dedal”.

    He is responsible for ruining USA public education with his ideas of education reform and is responsible for the closing of countless school libraries.

  2. It is important to follow on this issue closely, since Mr. Gates is ruining the Education system in the USA and is responsible for the closing of school libraries. There is nothing better than holding a book at the beach or while you are sipping your first coffee. Don’t you agree?

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