Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | January 24, 2012

Culture teaches boys to discriminate against girls

A study by la Fundación Plan concluded sixty-five percent of boys in 50 countries, including Colombia, believe violence against women is okay in order to keep the family together.

Forty-three percent of the boys said there are occasions when women “deserve to be hit.”

Sixty-seven percent of the boys said changing diapers, and feeding and washing children is a responsibility exclusively of mothers.

Discrimination against women is a big cause of poverty. Though boys and girls have the same rights, their situations and their upbringing is different. Girls are less likely to be enrolled in school and to receive medical care. Girls are more prone to go hungry.


  1. of course women deserve to be hit.

    there are millions of women in the world that deserve to be hit.

    once women grow up and stop begging for special treatment…. they might get hit less.

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