Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | February 7, 2012

In training for the trek to visit indigenous communities

A visit to Colombia motivated Bruce Poon Tip, founder and captain of Gap Adventures, to get into shape. Gap Adventures is the world’s largest adventure travel company, based in Toronto.

He told the Globe and Mail, “I’m going to Colombia as a guest of the president to visit indigenous communities – getting to them takes five days of trekking through an unorganized trail. The president wants me to consult on sustainable tourism in Colombia. It’s 37 degrees daily there, and rough terrain and it’s mountainous and there will be long distances. In order to make it in the time frame, we will walk eight to 10-hour days.”

He prepared by running 8 miles twice a week, and carrying weights.

In the region, Gap Adventures offers trips to Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.



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