Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | May 10, 2012

American and Colombian Armed Forces learning from one another

The Colombian Armed Forces are learning from their American counterparts how to share intelligence, sustain and support troops on a long-term basis, and identify and counter improvised explosive devises, reported Time magazine. The FARC’s hit-and-run tactics, which number about 8,000, are very similar to what the Taliban is doing now.

In turn, the Americans are learning from the Colombians the value of patience in a counterinsurgency battle. Colombians have been battling guerrillas for nearly four decades.

Americans are also learning the key to success is the ability of the U.S. and NATO to train the Afghan forces so that they can take over security of their own country. The Colombian forces are largely viewed as legitimate throughout Colombia.


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  2. “The Colombian forces are largely viewed as legitimate throughout Colombia.” Well, except for the thousands of cases regarding “false positives”. US military, please come home and let Colombia fix its own problems and stop fumigating coca leaves because last I checked, the 6 billion dollar Plan Colombia has been a disaster. Why? Because Colombia is still the #1 cocaine producer in the world!

    Paula, have you been watching too much fox news lately? 😉 (Teasing!)

    • (Oh — Fox news. Uh. Hit me in the gut.) Yes, absolutely right on false positives.

      • hehe! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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