Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | May 17, 2012

The death of his bodyguards causes former minister “a broken heart.”

Last Tuesday’s bomb attack against former Interior Minister Fernando Londoño left two of his bodyguards dead. From the moment Londoño heard the news, he said he’s had a “broken heart.”

During his radio program, Londoño spoke from the hospital and expressed his close relationship with his bodyguards. He said that they were “work colleagues, friends, and confidantes. .. They were wonderful man, very capable, and they faced their destiny with joy and great generosity. … We shared that special relationship among those who know that every day we are sentenced to death and they want to give their lives to impede it.”

One of Londoño’s bodyguards who did survive the attack was 43-year-old Jesús Torguino. He has been a bodyguard for 23 years, and had been with Londoño for the last year. After witnessing the death of his two colleagues, he grabbed his bleeding boss with his left hand and held a pointed gun with his right hand, and in this manner, walked his boss several blocks to the hospital.

Intercepted phone calls have led investigators to believe the attack was from the FARC. However, there is a hypothesis that the bacrim (bandas criminales comprised of former paramilitaries) and the FARC may have united against their common enemy, the government.

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