Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | May 22, 2012

Retired military men dare speak of coup d’etat against Santos: Alarming!

Alarming are the recent emails of two retired members of the Colombian Armed Forces, Army General Eduardo Santos Quiñones and Army Major Jorge Galvis Noyes, who commented about removing President Santos from office.

Retired Brigadier General Jaime Ruiz Barrera, president of the Colombian Association of Retired Officers, known as Acore, explained there is no risk of a coup d’etat. However, there is great discontentment amongst members of the Armed Forces.

In a letter, General Barrera wrote, “ …It has to do basically with many necessities that have gone undefined in the areas of salaries, health, and judicial security.” He highlighted one of the most complicated issues is the thousands of uniformed men who cannot go to combat because they are under investigation.

The discontentment is growing and affecting the troop’s morale. More so because President Santos made electoral promises to the Armed Forces.

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