Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | June 12, 2012

Juan Manuel Santos: next secretary general at the UN?

Is Juan Manuel Santos attaining rock-star status abroad? (Joining, perhaps, the rock-star politician class that President Obama has attained; and which Sarah Palin briefly held — which makes me think, do we know the difference between C-Span and the Kardashians? But that’s another story ..)

First, Time magazine — via singer and philanthropist Shakira — named President Santos one of “the 100 most influential people in the world.” (President Obama is on the list, as is Mitt Romney.) Shakira is right to praise President Santos’ challenge to double the number of children under 5 who receive early education, from 600,000 to 1.2 million.

Time magazine had been reporting about “Santos’ growing reputation as a hemispheric interlocutor.” Since taking office in 2010, Santos has significantly reduced tensions between Colombia and ALBA neighbors like Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Then — most recently, the Huffington Post reported, “There is quiet speculation that President Santos could eventually be favored for the secretary general position at the United Nations.”

What do we think of Santos as secretary general at the UN?


  1. Santos as Secretary General at UN?
    that is a very bad Joke!

  2. Santos as Secretary General at UN?
    that is a very bad Joke!

  3. Santos as Secretary General at the UN?
    That is a good Joke!

  4. Lmao, he 1st has to take care of his own people in his country…..he’s more concerned with his own popularity

  5. Santos is just another corrupt Colombian Politician that is trying
    To hide all the bad things Uribe did in his 8 Years!
    That means he is trying to cover Uribe violations of the Law!

  6. God forbid!

    • He is just another corrupt Colombian Politician trying to cover
      URIBE bad things of his 8 Years in Power!

  7. Sounds Very crazy, he is not even a leader in his own Country!

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