Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | July 3, 2012

Pablo Escobar’s Virgins

Pablo Escobar kept a group of young men he called “Los Señuelos” (“señuelo” is any device used to deceive and trap a person), and these were the men in charge of getting Escobar young women, virgins, between the ages of 14 and 17 by offering them a wad of bills, small cars, even low-income housing. The girls remained with the drug lord for four or five days of sexual escapades and booze.

But fearing the girls were spilling details of his whereabout to authorities, he had them killed. In all, forty-nine young were murdered this way.

This is revealed in Colombian writer, Germán Castro Caycedo’s, new book, Operation Pablo Escobar.


  1. Well you get good and bad in every human being I guess. As for killing his family, well they had no part in his business,it was truly just him, his brother Roberto, and the Medellin cartel really. Now on one side I’m proud of his helpings, to the poor,mob the other, he disgusts me, in the killings, and the commercial airplane incident. May he rip.

  2. Incredible well said

  3. “I believe his surviving family should also be eradicated to lessen the effect of Pablo’s memory from our history.”

    This statement makes no sense. Killing his family would not eradicate the memory of this evil man nor should evil be forgotten because it always returns. It would be a great injustice. His son and daughter are innocent. You are no better morally (for asking that his family be killed) than Escobar was, when he killed without good reason, those virgins you wrote about.

    • His family exhumed Pablo’s remains ( see on youtube) and you can see his son holding the cranium and explaining how Pablo committed suicide because there was a bullet hole in the area of his ear, as if to say my dad (the evil monster) didn’t give justice the satisfaction they wanted. He took his own life. This was a proud moment for the family. If such a scene does not disgust you then you have more tolerance than I do. I believe monsters and their offspring and blood relatives who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle founded on the grim and unimaginable terrors and tragedies unleashed on thousands of victims, should be eradicated. I believe these people will not reach old age. Someone with a likeminded penchant for terror will eradicate them all as vengeance for all who died while they enjoyed the loot.

  4. The powerful Pablo Escobar lasted the years he did because

    1. Cocaine was in high demand
    2. He was a ruthless businessman who surrounded himself with the right network of equally minded and motivated thugs and terrorists
    3. He used the most powerful tool of all, death, to keep that type of illegal operation successful
    4. He provided for the poor in a manner in which their government never did
    5. The ones who could stop him mysteriously failed to do so (until he got way out of hand

    I ask myself why did history allow a man such as Pablo Escobar to surface? On the one hand he is ill spoken of and on the other he is greatly admired, and why? because he had staggering riches and power which most people can only dream of. Pablo Escobar explored the deepest and darkest side of the human heart as well as the most tender side as demonstrated in his love and devotion to his family and the poor.

    I am sure any one of us “regular” people, under the calmest of circumstances could have been in a restaurant and gone up to Pablo Escobar in humility to shake his hand and walked away with some satisfaction as some had experienced with someone like John Gotti because we would have appealed to their arrogance in believing they were gods. History has birthed many powerful men whether famous or infamous and this one just turns my stomach

    To answer the question as to why history allowed a man such as Pablo Escobar my belief is that he was a necessary evil which taught us the following lessons:

    1. That given those same circumstances most humans would have similar reactions in their approach to power
    2. The acquisition of power can lead to unpredictable and bizarre behaviors
    3. Power has a way of bringing out the best and worst in humans
    4. Having excessive power leads to excessive stress and excessive desires
    5. It gives us insight into the mind of billionaires and powerful people and helps us understand a little better how this world is really run and why there is so much crime in governments and corporations
    6. The love of money (and power) truly is the root of all evil

    I read that Pablo Escobar’s immediate family are still among us and they are still trying to live under some sense of affluence with whatever remains of his illicit blood fortune. In the memory of all the families he eradicated from earth (such as those on the Avianca flight 203) I believe his surviving family should also be eradicated to lessen the effect of Pablo’s memory from our history.

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