Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | September 13, 2012

Colombian Catalina Escobar named a CNN Hero

Colombian Catalina Escobar has been named a CNN Hero.

When her 16-month-old son, Juan Felipe, fell from a balcony in Cartagena, Catalina was devastated. She sold her international trading company and established the Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation dedicated to helping impoverished mothers.

The foundation has a daycare center, a cafeteria, and a medical center. It has brought health care to tens of thousands of children in Cartagena and provided more than 2,000 teenage mothers with counseling, education and job training.

More than 70 percent of the mothers whom her foundation has aided are between the ages of 14 and 16, and most lived in the slums outside Cartagena. Colombia has nearly triple the U.S. rate of teen-age moms or teen-age pregnant girls.

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