Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | September 25, 2012

The FARC’s mucho, mucho money

According to the office of the public prosecutor, the FARC’s annual revenues are close to $2 billion pesos (US $1,113,443.86 dollars). That sum is nearly double what the government’s defense department received this year from an increased tax.

The vast sum comes from drug trafficking.

The FARC have invested in real estate, hotel chains, and grocery stores in  Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Sweden. The public prosecutor believes only 30 percent of the FARC’s revenues remain in Colombia.

It is expected that the peace process will result in the FARC using their revenues to pay reparation to all its victims. (In such case — and in all seriousness — Ingrid Betancourt should get her reparation money.)

Apparently, however, the revenues from drug trafficking were not enough for the FARC. Authorities recently dismantled an imprint of  fake dollars and Euros in Cali and Bogota.


  1. ¡Ja ja ja! you’re missing like three zeros, what you call billion, we call a thousand millions, what we call “billón” is a million of millions.

  2. I agree that this figures aren’t correct. According to media, the largest colombian drug dealer who was recently caught in Venezuela, I believe, made almost 12 billion dollars annually, not in pesos.

  3. This doesn’t sound right. A million dollars a year is not a lot of money for an organization that size. Just take ten thousand as an easy round number, for members of the FARC, and you would have a budget of $100 per guerrilla. This is possible since they basically live off food from rural farmers. But everything I’ve read says their annual income is much higher, as much as a hundred times higher, if you believe the US govt.

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