Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | October 16, 2012

Stolen land to be returned to original owners is planted with landmines.

According to the Law of Victims and Land, land stolen by the FARC is scheduled to be returned to its original owners by early next year. But the land cannot be returned until the authorities have declared the area is free of landmines.

Seventy percent of land once occupied by the FARC is planted with landmines, according to the government.

A total of 10,001 people, including 328 this year, have been injured by a landmine in Colombia between 1990 to the end of September 2012, according to the Presidential Program for Integral Action Against Landmines (PAICMA).

Of the 10,001 landmine victims since 1990, 2,098 died, including 54 this year.

There have been 958 minors who have been victims of landmines since 1990. Through September 2012, 45 children were wounded, 11 of whom have died this year. Last year, there were 44 victims, 9 of whom died.

The FARC have increased their use of landmines because they lack manpower.



Victims’ Law: Stolen land to be returned to displaced.

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