Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | October 29, 2012

Tuned off due to Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is coming in four hours, and the anticipation rises. I am in New York, not far from zone A evacuation area, but close enough to watch the rising tides of the river.

The windows are taped. The kitchen is stocked. Tuna. ham, lots of water and gatorade. Flashlights are in a place we can easily find them.

Will there be a power outage in our building? How will we then stay warm?

NY 1 says there are the people who have been ordered to evacuate in Rockaway Beach, and have not done so. Why? How selfish is that; the lives of emergency workers will be put at risk.

Con Edison just called: message is, because there is much flooding, they will be shutting off the electricity, and we must turn off all electrical appliances before they do so. This way, when electricity is turned back on, our appliances will not be damaged.

There go all the perishables in the fridge.

So, dearest friends and readers of this blog, see you in a few days.

One more to do: fill the bathtub with more water. That way, we can flush the toilet.

Hasta pronto!!

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