Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | November 1, 2012

Update from Paula

Dear friends of this blog —

We are still without power in our neighborhood. I am a vagabond, charging my phone where I can, and taking showers where friends lend their bathrooms with steamy water.

I should be back to the regular schedule of this blog by next week.

Everything is back to normal above 39th Street. This NYT article perfectly captured the moment.

A woman is quoted saying, “I’m not traumatized by the storm; I’m traumatized by the indifference.” She was in near tears.

Right now, there is a clear division between what’s above 39th Street and what’s below.

Unlike 9-11, there  is no solidarity between uptowners and downtowners. It seems it’s each for one’s own.

The supermarkets are nearly empty. Gasoline is running low at gas stations outside the city.

But New York is a city built of survivors.


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