Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | November 8, 2012

Colombia’s private sector works towards peace-building

Colombia’s private sector is preparing for a post-conflict scenario.

Fernando Jaramillo, vice-president of corporate affairs for Bavaria Brewery, a subsidiary of SABMiller, said his company will aim to close the immense wedge between the rich and the poor. Otherwise we will not get to where we want to get, he added. He urged for society to see former guerrillas as capable of living a normal life and holding a job.

Daniel Suárez, vice-president of corporate affairs at Cémex, the country’s second largest cement producer, said his company’s vision is to contribute to the country’s development through housing and infrastructure. Suárez said proper housing can reduce domestic violence. Cémex employs 70,000 people who are displaced or are former guerrillas.

Juan Carlos Archila, president of Claro, the largest provider of mobile phone services in the country, said the best investment is to combat poverty. He said Claro plans to bring communications infrastructure to the most isolated parts of the country, and for former guerrillas to work in their place of origin and so build community. Archila said former guerrillas now work in security of Claro infrastructure.


A role for the private sector in peace processes? Examples, and implications for third-party mediation.

Business-led peace-building in Colombia: fad or future of a country in crisis?

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