Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | January 10, 2013

Canada sells Colombia weapons which are banned in Canada.

Canada eased the ban on the export of assault-style weapons to Colombia, and Canadian gun merchants can now sell fully automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines — which are banned in Canada — to Colombia.

The Harper government quietly eased the ban to Colombia after a petition from Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Canada’s Governor in Council deems appropriate to export prohibited firearms, prohibited weapons and prohibited devices to Colombia, a country desperately trying to stray away from violence. This is like offering drugs to someone in rehab, or passing around jello shots at the AA meeting.

Canada calls the move “opening new market opportunities” for gun merchants. The Harper government defends itself saying the amended order places restrictions on the permits required for the weapons exports, including a case-by-case review by Ottawa.

Come on, Canada, what is happening to you? This is so unlike the peace-promoting Canada I know and love.


  1. I agree with mrs. Delgado on this one, when the ACQUISITION of even more weapons can help to end a conflict? Besides, the military in Colombia hasn’t been an example of clarity in human rights.

  2. This article is misleading. Weapons are not being sold to the general population. They are being sold to the government. You made it sound as if they are supply the FARC with weapons instead of a democratically elected government. Please don’t let this happen to your reporting again.

  3. Paula:

    It seems you do not know what you are talking about, Canada is not selling those weapons to the colombians ( civilians), the Colombian regulations for weapons are more strict than those in Canada and USA, those weapons are sold ONLY to the Colombian armed forces , BTW the first adquisition of arms made untder the treaty was for bullet proof LTVs Vehicules. so , the article you read in canada is very deceitful per se, as always, to attack the Harper government or the Colombian government. Please Paula, read between the lines before you comment on things. Canada is my country as well, so it is Colombia.

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