Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | January 17, 2013

Talking peace while both sides buy military equipment

The FARC has said it will end its two-month-long unilateral ceasefire this coming Sunday, January 20, and Colombians expect the FARC to launch new attacks against military and civilians.

Since November, since the start of the peace talks, the FARC have been increasing their purchase of arms, according to Ecuadorean Army General Fernando Proaño Daza.

The Colombian government has also been purchasing arms; $7.6 billion dollars worth of new military equipment in 2013, including made-in-Canada light armored vehicles, as well as made-in-Canada surveillance aircrafts.

The Colombian government has also said it will expand the Armed Forces by 25,000 troops over the next two years.

So, who is talking peace in Havana? What peace?

The government expects that even if there is a peace deal with the FARC, many of its members will join splinter drug-trafficking groups which will continue to pose a security threat, as happened with the demobilized paramilitary groups.


FARC-government negotiations must include immediately returning child soldiers to families.

Canada sells Colombia weapons which are banned in Canada.

Hope and skepticism around peace talks.

Peace with FARC will not end conflict, says think-tank.

FARC spin confusion and cause disenchantment about peace talks.

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