Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | March 5, 2013

Children’s ministry working to return stolen land to orphaned children of the rightful owners.

When the Colombian State spoke of giving back stolen land to its rightful owners, it never thought about the orphaned children of the rightful owners. But now, the Ministry of Family Welfare will work with other government agencies to return to these children the land that once belonged to their parents.

Diego Molano, the director of the Ministry of Family Welfare, said, the process is very difficult because the children do not remember where this land was, there are often no legal records of ownership, and there are people interested in keeping the land, who wish to make the children invisible.

The children’s ministry will work in identifying, recognizing and repairing these orphans, as well as offering them economic support, psychological aid, and reuniting them with any living relatives. The ministry aims to help the children, and those who are not children anymore, to not hold on to feelings of hatred and revenge.

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