Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | June 6, 2013

“Mass” transportation in hamlets devised from old motorcycles and abandoned railroad tracks.

The residents of the isolated hamlets of Quinchía in Risaralda department in coffee country have devised a new form of transportation, the “motollevo” (translates as “on-a-motorcycle-I-take-you”). It consists of planks of wood dragged by old motorcycles over abandoned railroad tracks. The “motollevo” can transport up to 15 passengers; in 45 minutes, it can cover the distance that would take a person 4.5 hours walking.

Artisanal gold mining is the main source of income in Quinchía, of which 98 percent is considered illegal mining. The residents of Quinchía complain they have been abandoned by the State.

The “motollevo” is an example of how badly Colombia is lacking infrastructure.

Watch the video here.

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