Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | June 20, 2013

FARC’s 44th Front refuses to demobilize in any peace agreements.

The FARC’s 44th Front is comprised of 350 people, and operates mostly in Meta department. It has announced its refusal to demobilize in any peace agreement. The Front’s Commander said they will continue to process and traffic drugs, and they have even come up with a new variation of cocaine powder.

This was expected, and we should expect more splinter groups to arise from the FARC. The FARC chiefs sitting at the table in Havana are negotiating their political futures and their immunity, but the commanders they leave behind will continue with the violence and the drug business.

This is the pattern in today’s Colombia: during the Uribe government, the paramilitary chiefs negotiated and reportedly disarmed, but then came the paramilitary splinter groups, the Bacrim/ neo-paramilitary groups, which saw their opportunity to take over the drug business.


Mexican Cartels Marking Territory in Colombia, Allying with Bacrim and FARC.

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