Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | January 29, 2014

I ask questions. Santos might call me an “enemy of peace.”

President Santos has opened the door for a plebiscite for Colombians to vote on whether they agree thus far with the outcome of the peace negotiations with the FARC.

The Constitution allows for a plebiscite with simple “yes” and “no” answers. For a plebiscite to be legal, about 10 million Colombian must participate.

I hope the questions will not be tainted with gimmicks to sway people to check off boxes desired by the government.

President Santos said one of the reasons he chose to run for re-election is because he wants to conclude the peace process with the FARC. He said, “I imagine FARC representatives sitting in Congress.”

President Santos added, “.. the enemies of peace have done everything possible to poison the peace process, which we already had predicted and we are maintaining our goal, doing pedagogy, and I think the country has understood that we cannot lose this opportunity.”

President Santos must understand that it is not poisoning any peace process when voting citizens ask legitimate questions. Questioning leaders is part of the democratic process, the same democratic process he is trying to build by giving the FARC a chance to leave their arms behind to exercise politics without violence.

I am not poisoning any peace process when I ask: What about the rights of victims?

How can a society move forward when victimizers are rewarded with political quotas and victims continue to see themselves as victims?

Does Colombia’s long-term stability and peace not depend on finding justice for its victims?

Does this impunity condemn Colombia to further violence?

My questions might lead to Santos calling me an “enemy of peace.”

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