Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | February 4, 2014

Of course military spied on government peace negotiators. reported Colombian military intelligence has been spying on the government’s negotiating team in the peace process currently underway in Havana.

Of course there was Colombian military intelligence spying on the government’s negotiating team. I am not surprised. Are you surprised? They are also likely spying on the FARC’s negotiating team.

The spies were civilians under contract with the Military’s Central Technical Intelligence, Citec, which is part of the Military’s Intelligence Directory, Dinte.

The project to spy on the government’s negotiating team was called “Andrómeda.”

“One is ordered to hack the email of ‘X.’ Someone else has to find the conversations of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ in the Blackberry, and someone else has to load the conversations from WhatsApp. Each one only has one piece of the movie. But all the information is given to the bosses who receive the information in its entirety,” one source told consulted more than 25 sources including American intelligence agencies, high sources within the Colombian military and the Colombian government, and Colombian intelligence and counter-intelligence.


For four years, CIA maintained control of GPS encryption on smart bombs launched against FARC in Colombia.


  1. All governments do it, so Colombia is only maintaining their rights and doing what it should to make correct decisions.

  2. I say the government, through intelligence, needs to have all the information in order to make the right decisions.
    And about the concessions, they are natural to every process like ours. Unfortunate, but real. Part of that has to be the political participation, and that requires a really mature society, which I fear Colombia’s is not.

    • I fear they are not “mature leaders” to whom the political concessions are being awarded to. Also, there is such a vicious cycle of the leaders of criminal groups awarded with concessions and the cannon fodder moving on to another group, and sadly, seeing that as economic mobility.

    • Also, did you see this —

  3. Paula:
    Like you, I am not surprised at all about the news. I actually resent that the media is making such a big deal out of it. It makes good sense to me that this is going on, not to mention it is standard practice, even if more liberals are reluctant to accept it.

    • Happens everywhere, this spying these days.
      It would be more interesting: what are concessions being made and for what?

      • Further, these political quotas make me really nervous.

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