Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | October 16, 2014

Guest Post: Helping a Traditional Farm. By Stuart Oswald.




My name is Stuart Oswald, and I’ve been a keen visitor and traveller of Colombia since 2006, joining the list of other enthusiast expats. I have taken an interest in a previously abandoned farm in Villeta, the sweetest city in Colombia. With limited funds, I am trying to restore a now-working farm to a state of good repair from its dilapidated predicament. Finca Varsovia is now back to producing panela (unrefined whole cane sugar), be it in presently small quantities. The ongoing focus is sustainable, traditional, and organic sugarcane farming, all within a not-for-profit business model where all funds are infused back into the farm. This is quite different from many other present farming practices undertaken in Colombia.

After running a few successful technology-related kick-starter projects back in the UK, I thought it would be beneficial to apply this crowd-funding principle to aspects of the farm’s resurgence. It’s a great way to engage like-minded people in supporting positive improvements to peoples’ lives. I set about pulling together the kick-starter project with the objective of building a much needed new chicken coop that will benefit not only the farm and its inhabitants, but also locals with much needed fresh eggs and poultry. Our emphasis will be a keen focus on using renewable and sustainable materials such as bamboo (guadua), grown within our farm’s ground, as well as recycling suitable materials from abandoned buildings. All chickens will be organic and free range.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal for any backers to this project in pledging whatever you feel this project might be worth. There’s plenty more information and rewards via our project link here. You can enjoy a day at the farm as a thank you for your critical support.

By all means, feel free to get in contact with me regarding this project, or anything else expatriate in Colombia. I tweet often @StuartOswald and I keep a small blog that I will be using more often,



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