Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | December 16, 2014

Iron from melted arms used to construct schools and hospitals

More than 8,000 arms, taken from the hands of FARC, ELN, paramilitaries and Bacrim were melted down. The resulting iron will be used to lay the foundations for schools and hospitals. It is the second time the government’s army has taken on such a project.

Disarmament is one of the main questions left to be negotiated in Havana.

“Of course there has to be abandonment (dejación) of weapons,” said government negotiator Sergio Jaramillo, the Colombian Presidency’s high commissioner for peace. Negotiator Jorge Mora, a retired general and former chief of Colombia’s armed forces, agreed. For Mora, it’s a question of semantics — call it dejación, entrega, decomiso, inutilización (abadon or relinquish, deliver, confiscate, disable).

The opposition, voiced by Senator Alfredo Rangel of the Democratic Center party, said, “This is not a petty discussion. They (the FARC) have said they will stop using arms, but they will keep them in their power.”

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