Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | June 8, 2015

First transgender woman running for mayor of small town in Antioquia.

While Caitlyn Jenner graces the cover of Vanity Fair and the world speaks of her beauty, Alondra Metaute, a 38-year-old transgender Colombian woman, is running for mayor of Sopetrán, a small town in Antioquia in north central Colombia.

“They (the men) would catcall and wanted to touch me in public,” she said of first appearing as a transgender. “But right from the start I made sure I’d be respected. I had to slap one or two men in the face, and once got into a real fight with someone who tried to to pee on me.”

She inherited a desire to enter politics from her dad. She is a candidate of the left-wing Alternative Democratic Pole, and she is the first transgender woman to have received political training from Politics for Women, an equal-opportunity initiative started by the regional government. If she wins the vote, she would be the first transgender mayor in Colombia.


Here’s to waiting for the world to speak of Alondra’s politics.


  1. What the hell is your point? And why do we have to vote by identity rather than character? I guess good character is just too difficult to have, so the lowest common denominator is race, gender, and now sexuality.

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