Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | February 13, 2017

Some excerpts of my book!

The kind folks at The Grief Diaries published an excerpt of my book about Colombia.

In February 1983, Colombia’s state security agency, DAS, warned my parents that the spies of an urban guerrilla group, the M-19 or the Movement 19th of April, were trailing our family and studying our routines. Their intention was to kidnap one of us; maybe even me, and I was then eight years old. Three days after DAS informed my parents, our family moved to Canada and I grew up Canadian, a schoolgirl with a green kilt and green tights who walked to school in the snow or biked on warmer days.

In 2001, Colombian intellectuals helped me set up a meeting with Vera Grave, once a top M-19 commander. I prepared our meeting on the pretense that I was a freelance reporter for Maclean’s magazine. Nine years prior, the M-19 had signed a peace accord, and Vera was granted immunity from her role as one of only two women in the group’s leadership.

Read the rest here.


And another excerpt was translated into Japanese and published by



 カンプーチェの外では、日々の活動がはじまっていた。調理用の火から煙があがるのをオメロは見た。そこに20人ほどの人間がいるのに気づいた。みんな迷彩服を着ていた。自分を誘拐した男、アルフレードがこう言った。「わき道にはチュロスがいる。道はこことつながっている」 男は寒くもないのに両手をすり合わせた。

For my Japanese friends, read the rest here.

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