Posted by: Paula Delgado-Kling | June 14, 2013

FARC “diplomacy” in Americas and Europe

The FARC have carried out “diplomacy” in at least 29 countries in Europe and America, according to Their presence is in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay in the Americas; and Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and England in Europe.

The contacts began in the 1970s after the FARC consolidated links with guerrillas in El Salvador and Nicaragua. The FARC’s plan was to expand to other countries who had some sympathy to communism and socialism. The FARC “ambassadors” always distanced themselves from drug trafficking and human rights violations.

The work centered on contacting NGO’s and lobbying for money, and discussing other special topics ordered by the FARC chiefs back in Colombia. The FARC “ambassadors” also coordinated any mutual training, and arranged visits of anyone interested to a FARC camp to meet with the heads.


Chile’s FARC connections.

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